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Precise Marketing Made Easy

1. Analyze

Analyze your market to see where you want to put your marketing dollars to work. See insights clearly.

2. Target

Target your prospects with ease. Our smart and visual targeting platform will allow you to build the most precise targeting lists.

3. Audiences

Combine your targets into audiences that can be assembled based on properties, owners, your own uploaded lists.

4. Create

Upload your own creative assets. Have an agency do it for you. Use one of our certified partners. It's up to you, we will not hold you hostage.

5. Manage Campaigns

Execute multi-channel advertising campaigns and track them with confidence with full transparency. Display Ads, Direct Mail, Video, OTT.

Delivered Effortlessly Across 4+ Channels

1. Display Ads

Hyper targeted and fully animated ads delivered across all devices in a home. Ads are seen on 94% of web sites. Adding animation to ads can increase clicks 30%.

2. Direct Mail

Pair your digital efforts with the easiest to use print platforms on the market. Improve digital and mail effectiveness by 15% when paired.

3. Video

Run a video ad of 15 to 30 seconds in the browsers and phones targeted.

4. OTT

Play your commercial content on Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Roku and Smart TVs.

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Home Service Pros

If you work in or for a property service business and are looking for ways to optimize your business, you've found it.

Coredadi will allow you to spend your marketing budget more effectively than you do today. We strive to make it easier for you to stop wasting your money broadcasting your messages and rather pinpointing them precisely with our smart targeting system.

We've been at this for decades and are now bringing the best things that we have learned the hard way to you.

Let us show you how to make your crews and trucks more efficient with more targeted advertising spend.

Home Service Pro

Realtors and Developers

Are you tired of not knowing where your advertising dollars are going?
Have you thought to yourself,  I will build a neighborhood contact list myself? Are you worn out just from the thought of having to maintain all of those moving parts?
Coredadi has a better option for you. We are giving you your time back and allowing you to speak with your target client directly.
We allow you to look at real estate as it should be, geographically and visually on clear maps, and not in spreadsheets. 

Enterprise Companies

If you work for a large multi-location enterprise with complex needs, you've found the right partner.

Coredadi has worked with large multi unit, multi location organizations with most complex challenges be that of scale, compliance, legal or regulatory we know how to handle them all.

Our platform was purpose built with the most complex hierarchies and branding challenges. 

Our advisors and our network of partners reach throughout the services and advertising industries.

We encourage you to reach out and learn more.


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Our Platform

We have built something clearly different.

When you see it, you will know it.



  • Our precise targeting is performing 86% better than the industry average in Click Through Rate (CTR).
  • While your marketing vendor is scratching their head on what to do next with the Cookie Issue... we've already done it.
  • Target your specific message directly to individual households.
  • Put your marketing to work as quick as the next day.
  • Real people with real experience delivering real results.

Ready to See the Most Precise Marketing Available?

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Real people. Real experience. Real results.